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Call for details.

MITR is the industry leader, and your first-call-full-service tooling partner.

MITR provides repair, rebuilding, sharpening and complete tool design.

Our experience assures you of the tool performance and cost savings that add to your bottom line!

E-mail us a digital picture of the damaged tooling for time saving quote on repair.

Distributor inquiries welcome.


We qualify every tool 100% dimensionally and cosmetically.


Guaranteed quickest turnaround and 24/48 hour emergency service.


Rebuilding will save you 60% - 70% vs. new tooling!

Company Profile

MITR has been in business for over 20 years, serving the machining industry Nation Wide. Offering substantial cost savings over buying new tool holders.

MITR is a Tool Repair, Rebuild, Sharpen and Design to Specifications company. Offering a line of carbide boring bars at half the cost of big name suppliers. Guaranteed performance on all tooling.

MITR has a special Alloy welding rod is used to adhere to the original tool Specs.    

Founded by Greg Stewart who spent years working for a large tooling company repairing tools, decided to start off on his own to implement changes in the processes that resulted in a better more cost effective repair.

Contact Information

Call, Fax or E-mail a picture of the tool to be repaired.

Toll Free
(763) 434-8233
(763) 413-2871
Postal address
23251 Buchanan St

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